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Asdrubal Caner

Asdrubal Caner
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es temprano,siga leyendo

domingo, 14 de octubre de 2007


We need to consider the restrictions established by Raúl Castro for the “Critical Exercise” that he has called upon the population, that is to “criticize in a suitable way, in a suitable place and at the adequate moment” adding as well, “as we do in the Armada Forces”.
This implies that each citizen is treated like a recruit, who receives orders as to when to speak, how to speak and where to speak.
When Raul says « in a suitable way », it means in reality that everything must refer to issues like the lack of food, transportation, housing, low wages, dual currency, problems in the hospitals, garbage in the streets, robberies and lack of discipline in the government enterprises, and other “economic and social problems”. Nothing on political changes. Nothing on the human rights. Nothing on the lack of freedom. Nothing on changes to the Constitution and the illegal laws and exclusions in the civil society. Nothing on openness to other Political Parties. Nothing on free and democratic elections under international scrutiny. Nothing on the liberation of political prisoners.

They determined the agenda for this “Critical Exercise”. An agenda of materialistic issues, for a population of beggers who will not speak provided their stomachs are filled.

Not only do they determine the agenda. They also state where the exercise must be held: in meetings presided and overseen by the Aparatus. Not in the streets. Not in manifestations. Not in front of the Organizations responsible for the many problems. Not under the direction of the dissident and opposing Parties and movements. The Critical exercise is held under a State of siege.
They determine as well the timing of this exercise. It will not be forever. It is now and at no other time.
For all those who are clear-minded, this call constitutes another stratagem of the dictatorship in order to gain time, reduce the pressure, create a collective catharsis and keep up the expectations for a favorable vote in the upcoming electoral comedy.

The Cuban people knows that, periodically, the old Departments of Revolutionary Orientation took opinion polls on the state of public opinion. And nothing was done. Or rather, what they did was simply to increase the fear, the repression, the terror through the CDR, the BRR and all the SUVP to silence the critics and maintain their control.
That armed and violent Mafia knows. Because it is the one that has generated this life of hell as a means of controlling the society, under the controlling impunity of the Castro power.

Who can believe in such diversion? Only an ignorant and disiformed population could believe in such a maneuver coming from their executioners.
These meetings increase the expectations for change. Change that will never occur under the direction of those responsible for the tragedy of the Cuban people.
If the Cuban society does not use this opportunity to radicalize its demands, and to impose its own agenda for discussion, it will continue to be deceived for many years.

The dissidence and the opposition must call to the population to vote NO in the elections. The population must massively vote for a radical change in the future of our country, with the awareness that under the direction of its executioners, the population will never achieve anything.
After this comedy, many others will come. For the mafiosa Nomenklatura of Havana, the important thing is to gain time in order to consolidate its power. They do not expect anything more.
Following half a century of deceptions, it is impossible to believe in solutions that never occurred and will never occur.
The “Socialismo castrista” is the Greatest Fraud of the 20th Century in Cuba and Latin America.

This is the moment of truth. It is the time for great decisions. It is the time to say NO to the continuation of the dictatorship.

A hug.

Asdrúbal Caner Camejo
Representative of the PSC
in Canada

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